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Miss Pink started DJing in 1995 with a few records and a whole lotta warehouse parties in Hackney.
At the same time she started working in Ambient Soho (electronic emporium) Berwick Street London as a merchandise and Jungle/Drum ‘n’ Base buyer. In 2001 Miss pink joined BM Soho (formerly Black Market records) where she currently manages the basement (Drum ‘n’ Bass/Dubstep) alongside Nicky Blackmarket.

Miss Pink is one of the founder members of the all , female DJ collective Feline (predominantly Drum ‘n’ Bass), who have had residency  at the nightclub Herbal, London since 2005.Feline are represented by the ESP International DJ agency for international bookings for Miss Pink , DJ Storm, DJ Flight, Alleycat, Deeizm and MC Chickaboo.
Memorable gigs have included Unsound on the beach, Metapunto Italy, Florence Italy, Trash City @ Glastonbury, TG @ Mass, Imperial College, Kensington, Monday Club @ Plastic People, Velvet Tipped Saloon @ The Burlington Boys Club ,BMSoho @ Clockwork, many Feline nights @ Herbal, London Underground, Block 9 field Glastonbury, Swampshack Bestival , Boomtown Fair , cafe 1001 London, Egg Club London , Batofar Vienna and many more. Miss Pink mainly plays Drum ‘n’ Bass but also Hip Hop, Reggae, Dubstep, punk rock n easy listening.